Battle Creek mom sadden by paramedic’s sudden death, says he saved her life 5 times

EMMETT TOWNSHIP, Mich. — April VanValkenburg said she will never forget the time she met paramedic Kyle Lindsey. It was February 2015 and she was having a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) attack for 45 minutes, which made her heartbeat abnormally high. She couldn’t see during the episode and had difficulty breathing by the time Kyle arrived.

“The paramedic who was with him was already getting me ready for the paddles, putting the stickers on my chest and Kyle was like ‘she’s pregnant, just give me a second,’” April said.  “And I remember the whole time my mother and I were just begging for him to save the baby.”

Kyle did, she said. He got her heart stabilized which ultimately saved both of their lives. Dylan was born two weeks later.

“Actually the day that my son was born, I was telling one of the nurses of him saving the baby and she went downstairs and got Kyle and had him come up and meet Dylan,” April said as her voice began to shake. “So I’m actually glad he got to meet him. I almost named [Dylan]  after him.”

April was overcome with joy that day, she remembered. However, since Thursday, she’s been grieving. She learned on social media that Kyle had died.

“For people who only know him for being a hero,  it’s still devastating to the rest of us,” April said with tears in  her eyes. “Still devastating to everybody who’s life he touched, who he saved.”

Kyle was a paramedic with LifeCare and a firefighter with Leroy Township. April said everyone loved him because of his contagious positive spirit. Kyle saved her life four times since that first encounter in 2015. Whenever an ambulance pulled up to her home and he walked out, April immediately felt better she said.

“The last time he saved me I was back in SVT two months ago. He came in my apartment [and] as he was coming and I saw him and I said ‘Hey Kyle do you remember me? You saved my life,’” April said smiling. “He said ‘let’s see if I can do again.’”

Kyle’s cause of death has not been released at this time. However his obituary states that he died Wednesday in his home.

“The world will be a darker place without Kyle in it,”  April said. “He was the best at his job.”