Contracted company to shut down Grand Haven pier after vandalism, high water delays catwalk

GRAND HAVEN, Mich.–The high water levels and waves crashing onto the Grand Haven pier continue to delay construction on the catwalk.

“We need dry weather, they have to pour concrete they have to wield they’re going to hold off until they can get two or three days in a row,” says Grand Haven City Manager, Pat McGinnis.

But, two or three days of low water levels and good weather in a *row hasn’t been easy to find, slowing down a process that was supposed to be finished in July.

Now, the company installing that catwalk plans to shut down the pier entirely after an act of vandalism.

The pier was shut down and the catwalk was removed in 2016, for a 2.6  million dollar rebuild.

Now crews are finally working to re-install the catwalk and originally they hoped to keep the pier open during the process, but that’s changing.

This is the act behind the closure.

Appearing on the catwalk this week.

“When we saw it we immediately got out to the contractor and said you guys need to be responsible for the concrete while it cures,” says McGinnis.

The foreman working on the project tells Fox 17 he is now planning to shut down the pier to prevent it from happening again.

Meaning not only is the weather extending the project’s timeline, but the pier will once again be inaccessible  until it’s complete.

(Pat McGinnis, City Manager)

“You look out there they’re about halfway and we’re in the middle of June so I was, we were a little ambitious,” McGinnis says, “They have been getting out there whenever they’ve got calm waters and clear skies and have made quiet a bit of progress they’re just about half way done and we’re sure it’ll get done this summer.”

The catwalk is now expected to be done in mid August. The City Manager says there will be an announcement and celebration along with its opening.