State capture networks becoming counter-revolutionary to cripple ANC, says SACP

The corrupt and parasitic networks of state capture have now become a counter-revolution directed at crippling the African National Congress from within and frustrating government’s capacity to improve the lives of all South Africans, the South African Communist Party said on Sunday.

In a statement issued after the SACP’s central committee (CC) meeting in Johannesburg, the party said the phenomenon of state capture had caused enormous damage to economic infrastructure, the finances of state-owned enterprises (SoEs), and broadly the South African economy.

This had further weakened the country’s capacity to face the increasingly hostile global economic environment, due to the compromised nature of some of South Africa’s instruments for economic transformation, such as SoEs.

”The CC in its deliberations about the challenges facing our country has come to the conclusion that what may appear to be merely corrupt and parasitic networks of state capture has now become a counter-revolution directed at crippling the ANC from within and frustrating the capacity of the democratic government to pursue the objective of changing the lives of our people for the better,” the SACP said.

Any sustained attack on the capacity of both the ANC alliance and the democratic government to carry out their mandate, constituted a counter-revolution and should be understood and characterised as such.

”The factionalisation and destruction of the basic organisational structures of our movement, the buying of delegates and gate-keeping; the destruction of the capacity of the state to collect and/or disburse revenue; the looting and hollowing out of [SoEs] and their conveyance to the control of lumpen capitalists like the Guptas, the Watsons, etc; the capture and perversion of key institutions of the criminal justice system like the NPA [National Prosecuting Authority] and intelligence services, are all aimed at crippling the capacity of the democratic government,” the SACP said.

Much more seriously, was that such capture threatened to reverse all the gains South Africa had made as a country over the past 25 years. This was the heart of counter-revolution.

The CC committed itself to intensifying the SACP’s fight against state capture and other forms of corruption as an important part of creating conditions for economic transformation, development, and sustainable and inclusive growth.

The SACP would continue to mobilise, both within and beyond the alliance, and seek to reach out to all patriotic South Africans committed to fighting state capture and other forms of corruption, the party said.

– African News Agency (ANA),

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