Suspect charged in buggy crash that killed 3 children

Tyler Frye

COLDWATER, Mich. – An Indiana man has been charged with Operating Under the Influence Causing Death after three children were killed in a crash Friday night.

The crash happened on Kelly Road, when Tyler Frye, 21, crashed his vehicle into an Amish family’s buggy. Two children died at the scene and a third died later at the hospital.  All three children were between the ages of three and six years old.

Michigan State Police say that the buggy was on the shoulder of the road and cars were able to pass by.

“They have a right to the road just as any other person does in that area,” says Sgt. Seth Reed of the Michigan State Police. “This isn’t like a freeway where it is a limited access freeway where only motorized vehicles are allowed. This is a rural two-lane roadway, so they would be no different that a bicyclist or a jogger going down the road.”

Frye was arraigned on the charges on Saturday. He’ll have his first hearing at a later date.